The Half Bad trilogy is a three-book fantasy series by Sally Green.

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Sally Green's overview of the plot from her tumblr account:

"It’s about a boy called Nathan. There’s fighting and torture and a bit of swearing. And some love too.

Nathan starts off in a cage, a prisoner of a White witch called Celia. Nathan is a half code - half Black witch and half White witch - and can never be accepted by the White witches. The White witches have driven all the Black witches out of Britain and want to use Nathan in some way. Nathan’s father is Marcus, the most evil of the Black witches. At the start Nathan has never met his father and is very very confused about him (admiration, fear, love, disgust, anger). BTW Nathan is very angry most of the time. Oh yes and Nathan loves a girl, a White witch, called Annalise. Annalise is very beautiful.

Nathan must escape the cage and the White witches and find someone to perform the Giving ceremony for him on his 17th birthday so that he can become a full adult witch (with full adult witchy power) and also so he won’t die.

Along the way Nathan meets various other people including Gabriel. Gabriel is very beautiful - even more beautiful than Annalise. He makes Annalise look v ordinary indeed. Gab is beautiful inside and out. Gab has the most beautiful, sexy, french accent ever. Gabriel talks about climbing and books and poetry and all Nathan can do is swear at Gab.

Nathan swears a lot. And smokes. And fights. He usually puts his cigarette down to fight.

That’s all in Half Bad (the first book) along with lots of other stuff about bullying and school and knives, Annalise’s horrible brothers and Nathan’s brother and sisters, and the Hunters, and Rose and Mercury and the old witch in the wood and much more. And always there’s Marcus. 

Then the war between the White witches and the Black witches grows in Half Wild (the second book) and then shit really turns nasty in Half Lost (the third book).

I wrote the books."

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Sally Green has a website dedicated to the Half Life Trilogy where you can buy the books, see a map of London with marked places from Half Bad along with Nathan's descriptions of them, and much more.

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