Roman Tower, more commonly known as simply "The Tower", is a White Witch prison in England. It's guarded by a mix of prison guards and Hunters. It keeps high class prisoners like Clay after he is displaced as the leader of the Hunters by Soul O'Brien. The door is magically locked and opens at a password that changes every day. It's a fairly obvious structure but is kept hidden from fains by magic that causes them not to notice it. At the top of the Tower is a cut that leads to the basement of the Council Building. Celia and Greatorex both had been stationed there during their time as Hunters.

Battle at the Tower Edit

In Half Lost the Alliance attacks the tower in order to use the cut to gain access to the Council Building for the final battle. Nathan turns invisible and figures out the password and then uses it to gain access to the Tower and attack. He kills all the Hunters but spares the guards when they stand down.

Known Prisoners Edit

  • Clay
  • Bob